Fall and Amish Quilt Blocks

Nothing like the beautiful Fall trees to motivate one to start quilting.  

I am hosting the Nifty Fifty 30 Quilt Swap.  Our group is swapping Amish Quilt Blocks. The Fall weather and the beautiful trees have motivated me to get started on my sample blocks. We are swapping 9 inch Amish Quilt Blocks.  I just finished my three sample blocks. I am representing Virginia, Massachusetts and Maine.   
Virginia Amish Quilt Block

Massachusetts Amish Quilt Block

Maine Amish Quilt Block

I chose a colorful one for my home state of Virginia. The more color the better especially to represent the beautiful Fall trees.  My dad is from Massachusetts and loves the snow. The block I chose reminds me of a twirling snowflake.  I chose the color blue to represent the cold. 

I love the state of Maine and all the beautiful evergreens.  My quilt block reminds of the evergreens. One of my favorite trips to Maine was viisting  Acadia National Park.

Judy from Michigan also sent in her sample blocks this week.  Judy is representing Florida, Michigan and Mississippi.  She chose Pink for her Florida block to represent the Pink Flamingos where she spends her Winters.  Judy has done her homestate in blue to represent the Water Wonderland of Michigan.

Florida Amish Quilt Block

Michigan Amish Quilt Block

Mississippi Amish Quilt Block

I am looking forward to receiving all the Amish Quilt blocks from our swappers this month.

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  1. Hello, Everyone, I finally have my sample blocks ready to mail. I got real busy with my new grandson and did not sew enough. Hope everyone likes them. I know I will like all of yours.
    Happy Sewing, Debra

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