Olympic Torch Quilt Block, Sharks Teeth and Memories

Suzy’s Nifty Fifty One Quilt

One of our original Nifty Fifty Quilters contacted me through our website this week.  I was so excited to hear from Suzy.  She represented Georgia in our first Nifty Fifty Swap.  She designed her Georgia quilt block after the Olympics by doing an Olympic Torch.  It was always one of my favorite quilt blocks in our swap because it was so original and it represented the Olympics which were in Altanta Georgia the year of our swap. You can visit Suzy and her crafts on her blog. 

Suzy’s Georgia Quilt Block  

NF Georgia State Quilt Blocks

Suzy was one of the quilters in our swap who traveled to Virginia to help Wendy and I sort the 2500 Nifty Fifty One quilt blocks and to sew the first Nifty Fifty Breast Cancer quilts together.   

Stafford’s welcome for our Quilting Group

 We had a great weekend of sewing, socializing, show and tell and laughter.  One of my favorite stories was about Jeri…our Oklahoma swapper.  She also traveled to Virginia for the weekend.  Jeri confessed to our group that she was a beginner quilter and she had bought and cut up enough fabric for 2500 quilt blocks. She thought she had to make 50 quilt blocks for each of the 50 states. Our other swappers jumped in and helped her out by buying her extra fabric squares.

Jeri’s Oklahoma Quilt Block

We had so many memorable quilting stories from our first Nifty Fifty Swap.

Nifty Fifty Quilters from our weekend gathering.

Here is our group of quilters holding the Breast Cancer Charity Quilt. Suzy is on the bottom row fourth from the left.  Jeri is pictured on the top left holding the corner of the quilt.  I am in the top right row third in from the left.  We are holding my son’s Nifty Fifty Signature quilt.  My son Sean swapped fossilized sharks teeth for signature blocks from our Nifty Fifty Quilters.  He collected these 15 to 20 million year old sharks teeth on the banks of an island on the Potomac River. My son Sean is pictured between the two quilts. Below is a photo of one of the sharks teeth and photos of the island  on the Potomac River in Virginia.

Shark’s Tooth Island Potomac River

Shark’s Tooth Island at Sunset

15 to 20 million old fossilized Sharks Tooth

 I would love to hear from other Nifty Fifty Quilters.

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