Illinois State Quilt Blocks

I have all the Nifty Fifty Illinois Quilt blocks that were swapped in our 29 exchanges up on the Illinois state page.  We got a large variety of quilt block patterns representing Illinois.  The most popular pattern made was the Log Cabin quilt block which represented the one room log cabin in Illinois where Abraham Lincoln was born.  There is another log cabin that Lincoln’s family moved to in 1830 but Abraham only visited this cabin since he had already left to start his own homestead.

Abe Lincoln’s Family’s Log Cabin 1830

We recieved some very original quilt blocks which represented Abraham Lincoln himself…not just of his home.  My favorite is the one which was done in Redwork… Another one is Sunbonnet Sue wearing Old Abe’s famous hat.

Illinois Sunbonnet Sue in our Nifty Fifty 20 Swap
Illinois Quilt Block in our Nifty Fifty 19 Redwork Swap

And of course Chicago needed be represented since it makes Illinois famous with it incredible shopping and tourist sites.  What better way to represent Chicago then by having Sunbonnet Sue visiting the city as she did in our Nifty Fifty 25 Swap.

Sunbonnet Sue visiting Chicago in NF 25 Swap

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